CloudB Twilight Sea Turtle - Constellation Lamp

Twilight Sea Turtle, Constellation Nightlight

CloudB Twilight Sea Turtle - Constellation Lamp


Enjoy a peaceful night sleep under CloudB's  Twilight Sea Turtle's starry night sky.

This fun and educational nightlight is designed to help children sleep easier and also help bring awareness to endangered sea animals.

Twilight Sea Turtle's beautiful shell illuminates in three soothing colors while also highlighting five endangered sea friends: the Blue Whale, California Sea Otter, Knysna Seahorse, Leatherback Turtle and Vaquita Dolphin.

The Twilight Storybook includes a Twilight Sea Turtle story which teaches children about endangered sea animals, a helpful Star Guide and an adoption certificate. A portion of the proceeds from Twilight Sea Turtle will be donated to an international conservation organization.

Twilight Sea Turtle Features:


  • Night sky projection on ceiling 
  • Stars project in Ocean Blue, Emerald Green or both colors together 
  • Shell illuminates for a calming nightlight effect (Blue, Green or Aquamarine) 
  • Five endangered sea animals pictured on shell; each individually illuminates 
  • Auto shut-off — 45 minute sleep timer 
  • Star Guide to help identify constellations 
  • Twilight Sea Turtle storybook and adoption certificate 
  • Three AAA batteries included 


(in)14L x 4H
2 years to adults
2008 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice of the Year

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